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we immerse ourselves in your organization.

Our approach is simple: We immerse ourselves in your organization and work in tandem with your leadership and staff to design and execute a fundraising program that meets your institutional objectives, needs, and circumstances.

Like other fundraising firms, we advise, consult, and plan—but we also take the next step. We work side-by-side with you to execute the plans that we design together. In most instances, Philanthropy Rx becomes an extension of your staff. We work as adjunct members of your development team, absorbing your mission, culture, values, and development goals. We take on fundraising tasks and projects that may exceed the capacity, knowledge, or time constraints of your current staff.


With Philanthropy Rx as your partner and colleague, more development work gets done, and ultimately, more revenue comes in.

We bring you expertise and extra capacity, helping you focus on strategic planning or implement new and necessary components of your development program— major tasks that are often delayed or neglected by the demands of daily work.


Our focus is on results, and our clients have found our approach to be extraordinarily effective. Whether it's designing a comprehensive development plan or a capital campaign effort, improving your major gifts program, or mentoring and training staff and volunteers, Philanthropy Rx works with you to establish the foundation for a strong, systematic, and sustainable advancement and development effort.

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